About Chiimeras™

What began as a friendly suggestion that turned into a collegiate exercise, gradually evolved to become an emerging niche and lifetime craft. The Chiimeras™ brand was founded to capture the essence of what we create. Forged in an abundance of creativity, what inspires us continues to live on today to deliver a fun and easy-going spirit to you.

Why a chimera?

First, let's start with the definition of chimera:

  1. a fire-breathing she-monster in Greek mythology having a lion's head, a goat's body, and a serpent's tail.
  2. an imaginary monster compounded of incongruous parts.
  3. an illusion or fabrication of the mind ; especially : an unrealizable dream
  4. an individual, organ, or part consisting of tissues of diverse genetic constitution.

As you may quickly notice, the word chimera has quite a definition!
Our mission is to redefine chimera, or better yet - to define Chiimeras™, as realized dream.

All of our work is hand-made, and crafted tirelessly while keeping you in mind. Although our products are considered collectibles, it is important to us that you also get to play with them too - connecting, and possibly re-introducing you to your inner child.

The artist:

Okay, not quite.

Our artist and founder, Lex, is the one behind the work that is created here. She brings with her a variety of professional and personal experience, and a passion for growth and knowledge.

Though, it is worth it to take a look at the symbolism of what makes up a chimera, and realize that it's not too far from the truth. With the head of a lion, Lex has the courage it takes to try and fail many times before things finally come together. The goat's body - does this need an explanation? Finally, the serpent's tail. The serpent represents so many things, from temptation to medicine. We'll let you be the judge of that!

Symbolism and inspiration comes in many forms. The chimera was the perfect choice for what we do, and for Lex to take on that initiative, we hope that you join us on the journey to support that dream of demystifying the legend of the fire-breathing she-monster.


About the artist

The dolls:

Our dolls are not like those seen in the horror movies - so there are no monsters here, and are composed of congruous parts.

Gaia, the first doll we created, is inspired by the legend of the Titan of Earth. Some may consider the Titans to be monsters, but we here at Chiimeras see them as a way to connect to the deeper parts of what makes us human.

Drawing from all different sources, whether it's Greek Mythology, Christianity, Chinese Mythology and more, what we create at Chiimeras is a way to pay homage to the timeless and mysterious legends that continue to exist today.

Transitioning from incongruous, or as defined by Oxford Languages, not in harmony or keeping with the surroundings or other aspects of something, we strive to create harmony - or congruity- not only with our surroundings, but also it within our work. Our ultimate goal is to bring out that sense of harmony and play from within you, One Creation at a Time.

Our Dolls

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The Jewelry:

The jewelry we create here at Chiimeras is indeed a fabrication of the mind, yet we break the mold by keeping the dream alive.

The limits of what we can imagine, and what we can create, remains within our grasp. The work that comes from our jewelry table, though in its infancy, has already produced results and is positioned to grow further.

A dream realized is a beautiful thing, and we strive to emulate that beauty in our work - especially through our jewelry.

Our Jewelry

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The accessories:

What better way to put the cherry on top than through the use of our accessories. If you have purchased a doll from us in the past, the accessories is a fine way to add customizability to your play experience.

Similar to what inspires us to create our dolls, the accessories also draw inspiration from legends and mythologies of old and new. We are always open to suggestion, especially when it comes to what you would like to see next in any of our series. Feel free to contact us and let us know your thoughts!

Through our accessories, we also try new ways to push the limits of our dolls' design and engineering, finding new ways to enhance range of motion, flexibility, believabilty as well as customizability. Keeping play alive and those creative juices flowing - there's no limit to what we can create next!

Our Accessories

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Chiimeras™ - the brand:

Our brand consists of many parts, experiences, and sources of inspiration that we draw from and combine into what becomes our final products.


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